Monday, September 11, 2017

Fermented/Pickled Tomatoes

Fermented/Pickled Tomatoes

The ingredients you will need.

First layer of horseradish leaves, garlic and celery leaves.

Tomatoes are layered into the jar, ready for the brine.


 For 1 gallon
Horseradish leaves
Lots of garlic cloves
Dill weed or seed

1T. Salt
 2c. water

Bring salt and water to a boil until salt dissolves.
Arrange tomatoes, horseradish, celery leaves and dill in layers in your gallon, jar or crock.
Pour brine over to cover tops and cover with a cheesecloth or plastic wrap.
Let sit on your counter until bubbles start to form then store in the fridge or cool spot.
Tomatoes should be ready to eat in a week or two depending on how warm your house is. Just taste one after a week until you like the 'sourness'

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